Monday 16 April 2018

Website Speed does impact your SEO and here is you how can optimize it


Website’s Search engine Optimization (SEO) can be impacted by many reasons such as using the right keywords that can help you get more eyes on your website. Your website can also be affected by the loading time so if your website is loading at the expected time which is 3 or 5 seconds then the website is optimized but if the loading time is more then it will influence your website performance. 

The loading time on your website will determine the search engine rankings so a website that loads in just a couple of seconds will be ranked higher compared to the other website that doesn’t load faster. In this article, you will understand ways that will affect the user experience and how the loading time can impact your SEO strategy and how to improvise. 
User experience affected by the loading time of the website:-

As the internet is getting improvised with greater speed and scalability now users don’t like waiting on any website to load and even you must have jumped on to other websites if the website that you are trying to see is loading slow. In this generation everyone wants the website to load faster and the service provided them should be faster. People have now less patience for the websites that take time to load and thus the reputation of the website is in ruins.

If the website is slow then the user will not even end up checking out the content and if it is an E-commerce website then the purchasing will be also at a low rate. Websites that have higher bounce rates then such websites need to find the weak link so to eliminate it out of the website. Website who have higher bounce rate contribute to the poor user experience. 

A website that takes more than 2 seconds to load are in more chances to get higher bounce rate so lower the loading time is, the better will be user’s experience. You can check here to see your website loading time and performance. Enter your URL and then test it to check how long it takes for your website to load and it will also give you tips on how to improve the website. 

SEO getting impacted by the loading time:-

Yes, the loading time can impact your SEO because even the Google has made it clear that the website’s ranking will be determined by the loading time of the website but it is not clear that how much impact it will make. Moz had made a study to see how the website speed will impact the search engine results by assembling 100,000 top results for random search queries and then tested time to see how much these websites were optimized. But surprisingly they didn’t find any correlation and found that Google was using Time to the First byte to determine the search results. So basically it is the time between the website’s server and the connection attempt made. So the website’s TTFB will be affected by two main variables which is visitor’s internet speed by seeing how much time it takes to establish a connection to the server and the server’s performance as to how much time it takes for the server to process the request and how much time it takes to answer. Now you can’t depend on the visitor’s internet speed so to improve the TFFB is improve your overall performance of the server. 

Tips for optimizing the Website’s TTFB for better Search Engine results:-

When it comes to improving the website loading time then there are a lot of ways to do that but with TTFB there is a lot of limitation as to improvising the speed of the website because it is greatly influenced by the server’s performance. 

Web Host pays more attention to the performance:

Look out for hosting provider that majors in delivering great performance to the website. Not all the web host services are equal so find those web hosts that will cater to your website requirements. 

Content Delivery Network:-

Content Delivery Network is the data centers which are all over the globe where you can store the cached copies of the website so that when someone tries to access your website then the nearest data center will reach them.  So this will create less strain on your servers and provision better loading time of the website for your users and visitors. 

Even though if your website takes 4 seconds to load but the content is outstanding and the TTFB is speedy enough then the website will rank highly. You need to make sure that your website is overall well optimized instead of just focusing on certain elements because you don’t need your website to be disappointed at other aspects your website lack in. So to improve your Search engine Optimization you will need to decrease the TTFB as much as possible this will be possible by finding a better hosting provider and integrating Content delivery network to your website.  

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