Wednesday 12 August 2015

Tips to verify your registrar before you register a domain?

Tips to verify your register before you registered a domain?

Assignment Of Domain Registration
Domain Name Registration is always a primary step for every website and you should choose your domain name very carefully as it is going to be your identity of your website. So you rush out and choose a domain name will be not wise-able but still, you can own multiple domains which you like most or relevant to your website and later you can host your site with the most relevant one.
Few things we always need to be considered that a domain name should be very small, catchy, easy to remember and also compactable to your SEO requirement.

Well, in a short domain registration is a process by which you can register a domain for your business with your desired business name or whatever you want. You have to register the domain through a Domain Service Provider. The registrar will give the flexibility to choose a domain name with multiple domain extension if it is available in the cyberspace. Once you have registered a domain, then no one can purchase that domain but if you don't purchase all the domain extensions then someone can purchase the other domain extension.
If our previous blog you can “get more tips to purchase an ideal domain name.

However, here is a brief discussion with a few tips and suggestion to be considered before you select a domain name for your website.

unfair cost of domain registration
Unfair Cost: Almost all companies in domain industries, providing domain at a very low price or offered price, but when you complete the registration process and redirect for payment method the charges is becoming higher than the previous one. Sometimes you can register a domain with an offer price, but when the renewal will come you have to pay a forced amount for the same domain to renew.

If you are purchasing a domain from a service provider, then take some small action in terms of known the correct fair and renewal price, later it will not a panic for you. Keep away from register trap.

Administration Fee: When you register a domain from a service provider, then someone should look your domain. If you want to check the details you can check in WHOIS. Sometimes you need to pay some charges when you edit some details of your domain.

park your domain free
Parking free domain: If you are planning to purchase a domain for your future business, then after purchasing you need to keep the domain somewhere. So here ensure that your service provider providing free domain parking facility. The moment you host your site with a Hosting Service Provider, then you need not worry about free parking.

Some other factors you need to consider before you register a domain.
  • It is very difficult to say something about how you can choose a perfect domain name till we don't know the business nature your targeted area and some more factor about your website niche.
  • However, here is some stranded tips which will help you to choose a great domain for your need.
  • Always choose a domain name which will help you to enhance your brand name.
  • If you are going to build your domain name as your brand than choosing an easy to remember domain.
  • Never forget to include your primary keyword in the domain if possible.
  • Your domain name should explain your business nature and niche.
  • Choose proper domain extension according to your requirement.
  • You can use Hostindia Online Domain Search Tool to search a perfect domain name with available extensions.

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