Tuesday 9 May 2017

Are you a start-up company? Get introduced to Domain registration process in India.

domain registration process in India

Why the domain registration is extremely important

As the Internet has provided us immense opportunities, everyone is trying to fetch the maximum productivity from the World Wide Web. In that case, web hosting is an imperative part of your online presence.  So if you want to launch your website on the Internet at first you have to concentrate on domain registration process. Apart from that, if you are an entrepreneur and about to launch your beautiful online presence on the Internet try to choose the domain name related to your business because this domain name is going to represent your company in front of the worldwide audience.

Before choosing your domain name, follow an expert advice

Domain name is very much important for any business. So always try to keep it short and simple as longer domain names are difficult to spell and remember. Along with that, keywords are extremely important as it will surely make an effect on your website optimization or SEO. So try to incorporate a keyword on your domain name or you can use it directly too. This will help you to improve the search engine ranking of your website out of which you can get maximum visitors. And later on, those visitors can be converted into buyers.
To choose the best domain name for your business you also need to concentrate on the Top Level Domain (TLD) or the Domain extensions. Top Level Domain can be distinguished into two parts 
  • Generic TLDs which is also known as gTLDs and
  • The most common TLDs such as .com, .org, .biz, .info, .net, .ws.
You will also see those extensions which specify a country such as .uk, .in and so on. And if you are in India you may choose among .in, .co.in, or .com.

Domain registration process

Registering a domain name can build your credibility in the market vehemently. So at first, you need to check if your desired domain name is available or not. If it is available, register that domain name for a specific period of time. And to check the domain name availability you need to go to the Home Page of hostindia.net first. Then you will find a search button where you need to put your desired domain name.
Domain search bar of hostindia.net
After getting it you have to select the domain extension from the list. This is how you can register a domain name in India.
hostindia domain search result.

Now, if your domain name is already registered by someone, you will get other options among which you can select the best one for your business. For an example, instead of .com, you can go for .in or .co.in and your domain registration will be completed.
During Domain registration Process you have to follow the complete instructions such as you have to provide your valid contact details as the governing body, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires valid contact information of the customers for billing, registrant, technical and administrative purposes. And if someone gives wrong contact information, his/her domain registration can be canceled immediately. Always remember that your contact information is public and can be accessed through the Whois database.
You will find so many companies in India for your domain registration Service. But before choosing, always compare the prices and services as Domain registration is one of the most important segments of your website. The companies which manage all the website domain names including web hosting and security or privacy matter might charge something extra from you. And as it has already been informed that the contact details you share with a particular company will be public. But some Domain registration companies provide the facility to keep this information private. But for that, they might charge you some extra. So before investing your hard earned money always research well and choose the best one for your business.

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