Thursday 25 May 2017

Top 10 reasons why you should host website with is leading brand, providing top class web hosting services for years. This highly recommended hosting provider includes various excellent web hosting deals and offers. The affordable yet powerful features are designed in such a way that from a small scale business to a business giant everyone will be impressed by it. Here you will find the top 10 features so that you can easily understand why you should host with Hostindia.
User-friendly one click installations and upgrades:
With us, you can start your own blog, image album, store, forum, wiki etc in a few minutes. renders you an excellent website building tool which allows one-click installation services and upgrades. Just imagine without any prior experience you are trying to upload each package and also attempting to configure it on your own. This is a one-stop solution for you to avoid these things and to get a hassle-free experience. With the help of our one click installation, you can set up multiple Wordpress blogs in minutes and can upgrade them too. Not only Wordpress but also other attractive platforms are also supported by us and the tools can be installed automatically.
Storage space and bandwidth:
Some of the web hosting company is not at all good with the storage space and bandwidth. Monthly bandwidth is extremely important as huge traffic can be drawn with a link on the Digg which is absolutely not possible with limited bandwidth. With our shared hosting server, you can get more than 6 lakhs page view per month and your site will also run smoothly. Along with that, it is guaranteed that your visitors will definitely get a hassle-free experience with us.
Know more about domain and sub domains:
Unlike other hosting sites here you will get various domains and sub-domains so that without paying an extra charge you can host all your domain names on one account. You will also get enough databases on each domain at free of cost.
 Comprehensible control panel:
If you are a beginner and want to host your site for the first time will be an effective solution for you with effortless plesk panel system. You can easily track all the hosted domain names and the most exciting part is you will get warning and explanations before doing anything wrong. Also, it has the same user interface as windows. So if you are a beginner you can use it easily without worrying about a mistake. The simple yet powerful interface is predominant which you’ll love to use.
You will get a status notification(If it really required):
If you face any problem in your web server you will get notifications on the status page through which you can easily understand the find the exact problem and the solution. You can also subscribe the feed so that you can understand what the reason of downtime is or when you will get schedule upgrades with all latest hosting offers, technology and information.
Blogs and newsletters:
First of all, no impersonal newsletters will be sent to you by us. And if you follow the blogs you can indisputably apprehend how much information you can gather out of it. In each and every blog you will find a friendly and humorous tone and that is why our existing customers love our blogs exceptionally.
Exceptional power features:
If you want to create your own personal site with the help of our exceptional powerful tools which will definitely impress you. Here you will get PHP4 and PHP5, SSI, CGI, Quicktime streaming, front page extension and numerous other substantial tools which will surely help you to take your business to the next level. In short, without investing a lot you can easily optimize your web services and can reach a new level.
Software security:
It has the best security software and SSL certificate to make your site double secure from hacking and spamming. You will get to know why people generally recommend this company. We have a competent team of professionals and administrators who constantly preserve the up-to-date installations of all of our servers. We can ensure that you will get the best software and web security with the best functionality.
Special offers:
We provide various special offers for our valuable customers. You can access those special offers and can easily avail what you need. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate motto of us and that is why if we cannot provide it directly to our clients, we try to give it with the help of our special offers.
Excellent customer support:
If you are a beginner and stuck somewhere in the middle of your work and wondering about getting the help of an expert then is here to help you. You can easily contact us via phone, mail or can join a live chat directly with us. We are available for you 24x7x365. So now whenever something goes wrong you can be completely assured that a professional hand is always ready to help you.
So what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity now and take your business to next level with our professional guidance and exceptional services.

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