Wednesday 17 May 2017

Which is good hosting type for E-commerce? Cloud hosting or dedicated service?

best hosting for e-commerce, cloud or dedicted hosting
In today’s world multiple web hosting plans are available for hosting your e-commerce site. Sometimes it’s really confusing and difficult to choose the most feasible one. Various web hosting plans are there among which the famous ones are
·       Cloud hosting and Dedicated service.
So if you are confused between Cloud server and the dedicated server we are here to help you. Hosting is a vital point for your website. Without the best web hosting, your e-commerce site cannot run smoothly. And if you change your latest web hosting server, you might have to pay an expensive amount. So before taking any decision have a thorough look at each and every web hosting plans and their benefits.
General comparison
Cloud hosting is located in a shared environment so your clients can also get the root access of that same server with you. On the other hand, a dedicated server fully belongs to you. You can go for it for your personal use and all the resources will be under your control. So you can choose it according to your preferences. If you want full control over the server and if your site has heavy variable traffics you can go for a dedicated server. Otherwise, a cloud hosting server will be an ideal choice for you.
Trust building
As an owner of an e-commerce site, you will always try to avoid the technical problems related to the web. E-commerce is all about online transaction so your buyers should trust your network first. Then only they can comfortably go for an online transaction. Cloud hosting has provided an immense opportunity for the start-ups and business owners. Through established cloud systems like Google, Salesforce or Amazon you can easily build this trust factors among your valuable customers. Along with that, you can be completely assured because this technical platform is secured and managed by the best cloud engineers of the world. On the other hand, a dedicated server is also predominant in trust building factor for its
·       remote access,
·       unlimited storage capacity and
·       24/7 technical support.
Rate comparison
Business owners and start-ups generally move for cloud hosting for a primary reason which is its cost effectiveness. In today’s world, you can develop and deploy an e-commerce site easily without investing much. But when it’s come to hardware and bandwidth, you might have to go for an expensive investment. But while comparing a cloud-based server with a dedicated server you can see that with a cloud-based server you can easily save up to 80% of the costs. A dedicated server is generally designed for those who have their own required technical support to maintain it. So a dedicated server is much more expensive than a cloud server.
Speed factor
With a cloud-based server, your e-commerce platform can easily run five times faster than before. You can also go for selling on the remote platform. A cloud server is often recognised as “elastic” because with the help of the cloud server a business can be scaled quickly and also can support the seasonal spikes in demand or those which are triggered by special promotions.
With a dedicated server, you can guarantee a smooth experience for your valuable customers as it can handle any amount of traffic. So if you are getting a decent amount of traffic you can choose a dedicated server as sometimes some shared hosting providers penalise you for consuming additional bandwidth.
Security issue
Security applications and physical facilities are a critical consideration. Cloud vendors have a third-party certification which includes ISO 27001 and Sys Trust audits. VI has also been audited in for ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. Further security measures include data encryption, certification through third-party vulnerability assessment programs and biometric screening. On the other hand, a dedicated server is like your own computer. You don’t have to face any security issue as no one is going to share this server with you. A cheap dedicated server also provides genuine customer support. So in both the cases, you can be fully relaxed that a professional hand is always th3ere to help you.
So at first, target your business goals and future plans and choose the best web hosting server accordingly to get the ultimate reliability, flexibility and stability in your business.
In conclusion, part cloud hosting and dedicated hosting are both good and have unique qualities, but for today's world cloud hosting is more advanced, hi-tech and secure so cloud hosting will be always recommended for any E-commerce website.

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