Monday 21 August 2017

10 Tools to Improve the Quality of Your Website.

Top tool for websites
There may be millions of websites, but to make a mark in midst of stiff competition is a challenge. However, you can get suitable assistance from the various tools available on the internet to make your website popular. Kindly find below the 10 tools that will improve the quality of your website as well definitely open the doors of popularity to outsmart the competition

Leave away niche, competition can be found in every business, ranging from service to products. It is a part of life, and being a business owner you cannot shirk away from the challenges. You need to employ the best strategy for giving the best exposure to your website to reach the maximum number of customer. 

Choosing the right quality content has its own share of challenges, but more important is the title you choose to write on. And if your website is focused on health topics, it is mandatory that only similar type of content should be available. The website should never ever branch out to other areas of niche.

In fact, Buzzsumo can be regarded as one of the best tools to ensure that you remain on par with every post that has to be created via the high searched keywords. You get many advantages after selecting the topic – part of, you provide the necessary content for the target audience thus giving the website more exposure. You can also get the best results by attaining valuable data of the keyword shared across social media platforms.

This tool also works in similarity to BuzzSumo as you can also get the best titles. Kindly note, that entering some keywords can make this tool generate the best titles, or else you can get a brainwave for forming a new article or post based on the keywords. Always remember your title will be the very first impression to make user read whole content and a creative blog title always gets more no of click in a search result.
Have you heard the proverb – a picture is worth 1000 words? You must, surely have, but is it possible that everyone can be the best in Photoshop to create scintillating images? The answer is YES.

Just close your eyes and think for a minute. Which website would you most prefer? One with attractive images or the other with pages of content? A survey says that a website with attractive images, crisp content and links get the most number of visitors. If you are a novice and need to design images, then use this tool to effortlessly create the best quality infographics.

You can choose the template that is in connivance with your website marketing strategy and the style. Kindly note, you need to spend plenty of time to design the creation and the effort will be worth every rupee. You can make unique designs as there are features such as editing of text, fonts, colors in this tool.
4. Google Analytics

Goole Analytics
Fine! The best quality and content have been taken care of in the article. Now let us come to analytic. The mentioned tool is widely popular as it can give accurate data about the number of visitors to the website and also information on the top keywords ruling the market.This free tool of google is very easy to install and operate. Tracking your conversion, traffic source, real time active user and tons of other information you can get it with the use of google analytic.

You can also install Google Webmaster which will work as your website and server and google spider communication partner.

Note- in today days you can take help of Google Tag Assistant manager to avoid multiple script initialization process in your website. Google Tag Assistant is a all in one platform to all analytic and tracking code install, Such as Facebook pixel tracking code and Bing or yahoo analytic.

The present data can be best used for creating quality content and changes in marketing strategies for the future.

4. SumoMeSumome

SumoMe can be best hailed as a set of 12 free tools, which if efficiently used can bring the best conversion rates to the website. This tool can also optimize the sharing of not only content but also email subscription.

You can start the optimization process by building email lists via welcome mat, scroll box as well as smart bars. 

5. Usability Hubusability hub

Your website will rarely stand a chance, if people are not able to make the best use of their required actions. This free tool can test the buttons, navigation effects and usability options of your website. Usability Hub conducts five second tests of impression and being the website owner, you may be asked questions during the checking process. The advantage of using this tool is you would not have noticed a small error, but it would have become the iceberg that stops even the loyal visitors to revisit the website.

One of the best ways to check the authenticity and attractiveness of your website. Testers are given 5 seconds to view your page and then asked a group of questions to frame answers based on the first impression. Remember the proverb – First impression is the best impression so you stand to gain more customers by conversion.

6. Visual Website OptimizerVisual website optimization

The tool conducts A/B testing and the advantage – you get the best results of comparing versions of home pages/landing pages. Knowledge of the version delivering the high conversion rate is only a step away. You can take advantage of this tool for online marketing purpose. Small, medium and large scale organization are getting help to grow their business with help of this tool.

7. MailChimpMail Chimp

It is mandatory that you remain in regular touch with your loyalists and customers to sustain in the market. E mail marketing campaigns can ensure that the prospective customers are kept in the loop about your best services, discount on products and many more. Through this method, you can make the customers stay interested even when they have bought their required product or opted out of services. The conversion stays the same and you need not spend hordes of money on getting new customers. 

8. Google Page Speed Tools

Goole Page spped Tools
This is one of the best free tool provided by Google allow you to check your website page speed. Your website page speed is very important for user experience also for SEO purpose. Having a low time page speed website will be loved by search engine crawler which helps for better SERP. Also, user can able to access your website easily having a slow internet connection.
Google page inside tool identity the issue and give you the right solution for the same.  Optimize your website with the help of this tool can help you to grow traffic and business.

9. Mozmoz

The name may make you go to sleep, however, in reality, this tool can give you wades of information about the SEO analytics and management of your website. Based on your selected plan, you can get vital information on the pages, content that can strike the right chord with the target audience, manage social platform account such as twitter or work on SEO to give the website a boost in search rankings.

10. Button Optimizer

Button Optimizer
The Call to Action content or the plugin is most important option for converting a visitor to a customer then a loyalist. This tool gives you the rare ability to design CTA buttons in minimum time. The buttons become user friendly, and that makes the A/B testing easy.
A marketing strategy needs to be put in place for getting the maximum revenue but with minimum effort and knowledge. The above mentioned tools can add the right ammunition in your armoury to create the real impact on the online world of websites.
Apart from this you can find tons of other free and paid online tool to optimize your website. 

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