Tuesday, 15 September 2015

What are colocation & Datacenter Services & why did you need it?

Basically, it an outsourcing of its equipment for a company that they need.

hostindia data center and colocation service
What is Colocation?
It means that adapt your servers, physical equipment, infrastructure and data centers to provides you more powerful bandwidth, advanced infrastructure, best security systems, special hosting experience and technical service with low cost and mind peace experience.

Every time technology is getting updated and getting more advanced. If you have an own IT infrastructure set-up for server facility then you have to reconstruct the infrastructure to add more advanced facility, will become commercially and practically absurd. You have to make your systems more extensive and sophisticated technically according to the time.

If you consider any Web Hosting Company like Hosting.net then you will find this company has a very large facility to housing server infrastructure, Power source and cooling facility. If you are having a company with your own server set up, then maybe your server maintenance, power consuming and cooling process will impact your business budget and which makes you choose Colocation & Datacenter Service in order to save time, money with more facility in charges less.

Why Colocation?
It is a favorite by medium sized business and industries, especially internet related companies depend on colocation service. It has a significant benefit of the large power source, physical equipment and cooling system with less investment.

Here are few benefit points for a company which includes:
  • Fewer Maintenance charges with better source and set up a platform.
  • Maximize or minimize your server capacity quickly if it's needed.
  • Providing more physical security and space.
  • Managed by experienced professionals with live monitoring.
  • Less investment with higher bandwidth.
  • Save more time to invest in your business.
  • Your server will get the great environment with all types of high source facility.
  • Better network connectivity and no data loss risk.
  • Lockable rack cabinets and self for cages.
  • 24x7 monitoring of server by export and regular reporting.
  • Great reliability and flexibility with a convenient option.

Hostindia.net which is a division of Hostin Service Pvt Ltd provides Colocation Service will help you to host your server with high-level security and a better operating environment. This company has a its own setup of infrastructure with world class facilities. Hostindia.net server farms give access to crucial environments where real systems, enterprises and business accomplices interconnect to one another. The IT infrastructure and data servers located in Pune, India developed under TATA Communication Limited. This company is providing much more than a collocation service. Qualifying the alerts and customized notifications with a real time view of your entire IT setup and Comprehensive Reports. Highly sophisticated services are designed to help organizations in terms of reducing IT Infrastructure & operational costs, achieve higher service & performance levels and manage IT infrastructure efficiently and effectively.

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