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Difference between Windows hosting and Linux hosting?

Windows and Linux hosting
Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting
Choosing windows hosting or Linux hosting is a very common confusion by lots of customers when they are selecting a web hosting service for their website. In our previous blog, we had already mentioned that web hosting is the main key to success for your website. We had come across so many clients who actually want a web hosting service but don't know which one is compactable for their website. We have already given a brief discussion about how to choose a smart hosting server, but this article will help you to understand the difference between these two Web Hosting and also choosing a right hosting type for your website.

Well, in hosting world, there are different types of hosting option available for the user, but windows and Linux are the most popular. In the below table some difference has been given between the two web hosting.

  • It runs only on windows operating system only.
  • It runs only on Linux operating system only.
  • It is a Little bit hard to install.
  • It is Fair easy to install.
  • Windows hosting giving admin or control panel in very rare cases.
  • In this hosting you can get an easy to access and user-friendly admin panel.
  • It is not an open source operating system so it costs more than other.
  • It is an open source operating system so costs less.
  • Supported by popular language like ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, PERL, HTML
  • Supported by languages like CGI, PERL, PHP, HTML, Wordpress
  • Supported by MySQL database
  • Supported by MySQL and MS SQL Database
  • It is less secure than Linux, but all the secure level depend on your service provider.
  • It is the most advanced secure versions in the web hosting world.
  • Windows server end name files with *.htm
  • Linux server end name files with *.html
  • In window web hosting file and directories are not so sensitive.
  • In this case file and directories are so sensitive, a small change can lead you to 404 error page.
  • Windows hosting is running smoothly compare to Linux.
  • Linux web hosting is run fast compare to Windows.
  • It is expensive
  • It is low price
  • Less reliability
  • More reliability
  • Windows hosting has a good interface, but is relatively less user-friendly control panel.
  • Linux web hosting has a more user-friendly interface and a good control panel.
  • Windows can operate by only by GUI interface.
  • Linux can be operated by command as well as GUI interface.

In the upper table, we tried to figure out the most difference between the two hosting. In actual if you compare then you will find both are having almost same featured but windows is more expensive than Linux. Choosing a service provider matters a lot, in terms of security, reliability, update time, control panel and etc. As we discussed in the above table few languages are supported by windows only and few are by Linux so also it matters in which platform your website has been developed. However, in the race of web hosting Linux is the winner in terms of price, reliability and  flexibility.

I believe I have covered almost all the different point between Linux and windows if I am missing something, please evaluate by giving a comment below.

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