Friday, 29 March 2019

The Importance Of Diverting Your Business To G Suite

Let’s say you are having a company named as XYZ and consider that currently you are using free Gmail Account for your organization’s transference. For Example – And your employees may be using diverse mail addresses for business reasons like or However, your business is increasing and/or you need to begin with professional email addresses containing your domain names like or

Steven Aldrich of GoDaddy has specified that inherent clients are far more likely to do business with a company which utilizes a business email address than those that don’t. And getting domain name mail addresses for your business like above given examples are very easy but they do not have the same skills as Gmail has. In this way, G Suite comes in picture.

G Suite – Everything You Need In One Package! It is Google’s suite of smart apps. This was formerly known as Google Apps, until it was renamed in late 2016. We particularly suggest G Suite for those customers who requires email hosting for their business. Regardless, G Suite is not only about an email. Moreover, it consists of a diversity of apps and features which are entirely user-friendly. Indeed, you must be already using or may be well known with few of them. G Suite is simply a business version of Gmail. No extra tuition is required for its current users of Gmail.

Many of you may or may not be completely up-to-date with the wide range of your free Gmail account practicality — that your Gmail accounts consists of Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Drawings, Google My Maps and Google Sites. G Suite covers collaborative business versions of each of these and other. G Suite is also known as Collaboration Tools. The primary version of G Suite costs on $5 for per user/month.

If you already have a domain mail address like — that you got from a your hosting supplier; then there is a direct one-time installation required to operate the same domain mail address for your G Suite email addresses.

Further G Suite Assets
G Suite has various core assets for its clients. Let’s focus some of its supplemental reasons to consider a redirect to G Suite.

1. 2-Step Authentication Security
Security is the prime aspect related to any application. And G Suite offers supreme layer of security which can be applied to every users, if the admin decides to do so. This foremost layer is 2-Step Verification. When you log into G Suite from any unknown device such as laptops, computers or smart phones, you will get text of verification code. In case, if you are working from no network area range on your mobile phone, you can have a bunch of backup codes in your wallet so that you can securely access your G Suite account. 2-Step Verification is mostly essential when you opt to use Google Drive as the cloud backup standard for company PCs or your Macs. You can make 2-Step Verification optional or you can make it compulsory for each users.

2. Email Account Possession
Your organization have all employee email accounts. Your employees don’t possess them. Suppose if anyone left your organization to work for a rival or to launch a rival company, but they individually have the email address that your clients use to communicate them? But with G Suite administration, if anyone quits the company, you can instantly alter that employee’s password and forward any emails sent to their address to anyone else. You can also access each of that employee’s email history.

3. Support
G Suite provides 24/7 through phone, email and chat customer support. No support is available for free Gmail account. There are various other advantages of G Suite utilization, but few of them get a little more technical. Remember that you can simply upgrade your individual Gmail account to your business account. If you want to move the email from a Gmail account to a G Suite account, Google provides a service for this.

4. Document Sharing
It is simple to share documents within your organization members when everyone is on the same G Suite account. Consider an example, if you like to give all members view-only access to a Google Sheet, that can be achieved in only few clicks. You do not need to send that Google Sheet to everyone individually.

5. Great File Storage
Free Gmail accounts provides 15GB default storage. Whereas G Suite Basic offers 30GB per user. G Suite gives multiple options for expanding storage beyond the 30GB per user. G Suite Business contains Team Drive, which provides a business a lot more administrative control over file sharing. Refer to know more about Google Drive

6. File Ownership
With G Suite, every Google Docs, Slides and Sheets designed by employees are possessed by the organization. Remember that Google Drive is an option for a cloud backup to services like Dropbox. You could create a company policy which needs employees to back up their local PC or Mac work folders and files to the company’s Google Drive. Suppose for example, you chose to terminate an employee, you would have complete access to all their business files.

7. CRM Integration
Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Sheets and Google Drive can all be integrated with with Salesforce. A number of other CRM systems integrate with Gmail.

8. A Company Branded User Interface
Your company’s logo can be notably showed at the top right of the screen in each of G Suite.

G Suite is a powerful and adaptable tool for your small business, and you can experience an immense amount out of it. In this blog we have covered only some outlines of what your business can do with G Suite. There are many more tools and options available. Best of above all, G Suite offers free trial and inexpensive to use. Sign up and start collaborating today! Concerned that G Suite might not be right for you? No need to worry – HostIndia offers you Free G Suite Trial. You can sign up and try-out freely to make sure the tools are perfectly suitable for your business organization. Click G Suite Free Trial

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