Friday, 25 January 2019

How To Choose Domain Name Wisely?

Presently, any feasible venture can vision to rise shoulder-to-shoulder in the market with own unique identity. If you are thinking of starting business online, first you need a website that requires a domain name, and that domain name will have a remarkable impact on the triumph and future of your website. But first let’s know, why domain name is so influential?
  • It’s your “First Impression”
  • It affects SEO
  • It defines your brand
These are only few basic elements why your domain name is so important. So now the question is how you choose the right domain name? This article will help to pick the ideal domain for Brand/Business. Make sure that you will consider below mentioned points before choosing your domain name.

1. Easy to Type
When you inform your domain name to anyone, they should feel easy to type or search on internet. So while choosing your domain name avoid difficult names or informal names. That will help users to find or search your brand name easily.

2. Short But Meaningful
Do not ever go for a phrase or sentence as your domain name, that will make your domain name longer than standard. If you choose long domain name then there might be chances of misunderstanding while informing over phone or mistyping or misspelling it. So keep it short and simple but more meaningful.

3. Use Keywords For SEO
Try to use keywords in your domain name which define your business or services that you offers t your customers. For example, if you are having electronics gadget repairing business then you can go for domain names like “ or” etc. Cover the descriptive keyword in your domain name that will help customer to find you online on search engines which increases traffic for your business.

4. Targeted Location
Targeted location means try to cover your area name while choosing domain name if you are having localize business. Consider above mentioned business example of Electronics Repairing and that business is limited in say Kerala; Example - then adding your area in domain name will help your local customers to find your business easily.

5. Exclude Hyphens And Numbers
Usually, numbers and hyphens are misinterpreted. If suppose you are informing your website address contain numeral “9” but over phone it spelled out “nine” then there might be chances of misunderstanding. Or if your website contains “-” and people may take it as “dash”. So it will be good to exclude such kind of combination to avoid misinterpretations.

6. Be Remarkable
There are n number of competitors you will get in market so standing unique in multiple gets difficult. So keep in mind while registering domain name that it should be noteworthy which will make sense to your targeted audience.

7. Analyze It
Check that whether your selected domain name is copyrighted or is it being used by any other company? Analyzing it will help you to avoid further any legal complications and loss of money.

8. Correct Extension
Here are some basic extensions and their meanings
  • .co : an abbreviation for company, commerce, and community.
  • .info : informational sites.
  • .net : technical, Internet infrastructure sites.
  • .org : non-commercial organizations and nonprofits.
  • .biz : business or commercial use, like e-commerce sites.
These extensions are added to your domain names as a suffix. For Example, or, According to your business category you can choose the extensions. The .com is mostly chosen extension. Try not to use fancy extensions like .zone or .voto etc.

9. Secure Your Brand
Sometimes for business competition strategy, you need to buy multiple versions of domain extensions or misspelled versions of domain names. This will helps you to redirect your audiences to your website even though they mistype it.

10. Register Fast
Everyone is aware of the value of time, so do not waste your time in only deciding or thinking about domain name. Simply consider every aspect related to your business and book your domain name as early as possible. During your long thinking process of domain name; somebody else will just get that same domain name which you are being decided to buy. Domain names gets quickly sold out.

Choosing a domain name is similar to choosing a company name — it requires a lot of thought and consideration. Your domain name is your identity on the web; you want to make sure you choose a name that not only fits your business, but is also easy to find and promote. Run your business online from anywhere in the world. To Get Your Domain Name Visit Our Website Now

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