Friday, 18 May 2018

How to optimize YouTube videos to promote website and business?


YouTube is the most streamed online video site all over the world with 300 hours of videos uploaded daily and five billion video views per day. YouTube is at the top of the video platform pyramid change and this trend is going to stay for a very long time. YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world and Google (parent company of YouTube) dominates the top slot being the first largest search engine.

It has become essential for the small business and also big brands to promote their business on YouTube because of the wide exposure gained through uploading video about the product and services. A company who uploads optimized YouTube videos has a great impact on their business by gaining more potential customers with the ability to reach one billion users.

You should create a video that will attract the audience and that should be your primary goal and you also need to see how search engines will index the content. When you create a quality video then your main goal will be is to reach a larger audience but if it’s not reaching a larger audience then it is waste of the resources. So in this article, you will be learning as to how to optimize the YouTube videos so that it reaches larger audiences.

Optimized and irresistible title:

When you add a compelling title then it makes your potential audience jump on to your content out of curiosity to see what your video is about. You should try to include keywords that are more searched basically try looking out for an SEO keyword that people normally type while searching on to particular content.  Use a conversational and natural language spanning to one short sentence with only 100 characters including space in the title and any title above 70 characters will be shortened.

Google Keyword Planner is a great search keyword tool where you can run the keywords that you wish to target depending on the search volume and popularity. You can also check the URL of the YouTube videos with a high rank to check which keywords rank higher in your niche. Google Trends also can be used to see the keyword that you choose rank how well on the video platform. There is also a cost-effective way of looking out for a well-optimized keyword by looking out for competitors videos and analyze as to see what the target market are interested to watch so that you can learn from their failures and success.

Informative Short Description:

Now when you upload a video you can also write some description about the video which is more of like a summary of a video where you can write as to what the video is about and what will be featured in it. Most of the video watchers try to read the description to get the idea what is the video about so add an informative description and keep in mind that they have come to watch a video and not read an article.

You can use description to your advantage by adding relevant keywords in the description and you can talk about the essential points featuring in the video. So the YouTube Search engine Crawlers can see what your video is offering. YouTube will only display 100 characters and to view more the followers have click show more.

Meta Tags:

Meta Tags allows the search engine read and analyzes the content of the video so it will help the YouTube to find out the similar video that can be shown along with your video which will increase the channel’s reach. Google Keyword Planner can be used to find recommended tags that you should use. Use Metadata that is related to your video so that your video does not get spammed by using unnecessary tags.

Use Thumbnail:

Inserting a Thumbnail to your video plays an essential role in increasing the click-through rate of the videos because it gives a preview to your audience as to what the video is about. Custom Thumbnail has helped 90 percent of best performing YouTube Videos to get higher click-through rate. You should use 1280 x 720 pixels (16:9 ratio) saved as jpg, png, bmp or gif and high resolution with 2 MB size limit. But only a verified YouTube Accounts can use a custom thumbnail.

Many Businesses are opting for video marketing for an online marketing campaign by acknowledging that this trend will be dominating the market by 2020. Audience better understands the content when it is visual so video marketing is a huge advantage for the business to feature their product or services to the potential customer via YouTube Videos. You can provide success stories or customer testimonial via YouTube Videos. This will help people to know the quality of your service that you deliver to your customers and build trust.

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